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The most effective systems for individual requirements for sustainable resource conservation – that’s our vision

We plan, develop, build, and produce unique systems for preparation of process water and dust extraction in the application area (for a wide variety of industries) including natural stone, composites, concrete, ceramics, and glass processing. Thanks to our industry-specific know-how from over 25 years of experience and our practical experience from over 520 projects worldwide, we’re your ideal partner in the area of process water preparation and dust extraction.

Our water preparation systems clean service water required for production and return it to your production systems. Preparation according to the circulation principle ensures a continuous supply to your production facilities and generates environmentally friendly and cost-neutral treatment of water as a raw material. Our dust extraction systems filter the particles and dust out of the air that result during dry machining and therefore guarantee a clean working environment for your employees.

The ECS range reaches from simple applications in small facilities to fully automatic complete systems in large facilities. Customer-specific special systems represent a challenge that we are happy to accept. Our flexibility and our know-how are available to our customers at all times.

Analysis, consulting, planning, development, design, production, assembly, and service

Our range of services reaches from analysis, consulting, planning, and development to production, assembly, and commissioning and comprehensive after-sales services.

Analysis, consulting, planning, development, and design:

A detailed analysis of your operating conditions, inspection of your requirements, and extensive consulting are the necessary procedures for us to create a consistent and purposeful solution for you. During planning, we have the opportunity to analyse your water quality and lay out the necessary components for your system. Within the scope of project development, we work together with you to lay out all of the interfaces in your process water circuit.

Production, assembly, and commissioning:

All of our systems and components are produced according to the highest quality standards and subjected to a comprehensive test run prior to delivery. We only use special pumps that we have developed together with our suppliers according to industry-specific requirements. We only purchase electronic components and accessories from renowned manufacturers. Our controls are developed by us, and we continuously develop them further. Prior to final assembly within your company, we’ll inform you about the preparations you need to make at your facilities. After professional assembly and commissioning, we’ll train your employees extensively with regular operation of the system. This helps us ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Service and after-sales:

With us, perfect service goes beyond the actual contractual agreement. In order to guarantee faultless functionality of our systems over years, and upon request, we’ll take care of annual maintenance work. Our service also includes informative advice wherever changes to your production are made that affect the overall system. We maintain replacement and wearing parts ready for you in our inventory for delivery within 24 hours in Germany and within 48 hours worldwide.

About us

In July, 1996, ECS Eich GmbH was founded by Matthias Eich.

The intention was to pursue the idea of recycling water to protect the environment, and to develop an economical and simple method of drying slurry waste. Over time, the challenges in this field and the demands of customers grew, meaning that the original idea grew into a concept for fully automatic water treatment and sludge waste drying. Today, over 520 ECS systems treat industrial water in operations in a wide range of sectors, and work on customer-specific solutions for special applications also continues.

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