• ECS MB - Homogenisierung und Speicherung eingedickter Industrieschlämme

    ECS MB – homogenisation and storage of concentrated industrial sludge

    ECS MB – homogenisation and storage of concentrated industrial sludge

Mischbehälter – MB


Customised mixing tank with oblique-blade agitator, gear motor with reduction gear and level sensors.

Mixing tank

Mixing tanks are used for large quantities of sludge and especially quickly sedimenting sludges. The agitator keeps the dirty water suspension consistent and homogeneous. Sedimentation of solid particles in the collecting tank is prevented.
Using mixing tanks and the resulting homogeneous consistency of sludges, especially good residual water dehydration results via chamber filter press can be achieved. In addition, a mixing tank also acts as a storage unit for already concentrated suspensions. In shift operation, therefore, the operation of a chamber filter press can be limited to the main shift in which appropriately trained personnel are present.

We would be happy to advise you in the tailored design of mixing tanks according to your individual requirements.

  • Round PVC tank with HDPE dome lid
  • Oblique-blade agitator with 3 to 5 blades
  • Gear motor with reduction gear
  • Min./max./overflow level sensors
  • Ventilation elbow
  • Flange for filling and draining
  • Ventilation elbow and drain plug


Output and dimensions

Type Capacity Dimensions d/h:
MB 1500 1500 l 1200 * 1800 mm
MB 2500 2500 l 1500 * 1800 mm
MB 5000 5000 l 1800 * 2300 mm
Type Capacity Dimensions d/h
MB 7500 7500 l 2100 * 2300 mm
MB 10000 10 000 l 2200 * 3000 mm
MB 15000 15 000 l 2600 * 3000 mm

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