• ECS VMS - individuelle Lösungen für große Prozesswassermengen

    ECS VMS – high performance clarifier for large process water quantities

    ECS VMS – high performance clarifier for large process water quantities

Obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier VMS


Customised obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier with honeycomb structure for physical solid/liquid separation in process water preparation

Obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier

Obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifiers (also called lamellar clarifiers or lamellar separators) are used for solid/liquid separation of suspensions. They separate solid particles contained in the process water.

The accumulating process water suspension is delivered to a dirty water collection basin and pumped to the lamellar clarifier for clarifying. The process water flows from the production through the specially coated honeycomb structure. As a result, the ECS obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier performance is 10 times greater than a conventional sedimentation tower.

The solid particles in the dirty water are separated by the physical flow process of the solid/liquid separation and sedimentation in the particle hopper. The sediment concentrated here can be dehydrated via a chamber filter press. The water cleaned in the lamellar clarifier flows over an overflow to a fresh water tank and is returned to the process water circuit.

VMS obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifiers are equipped with an automatic flushing function and can be operated in the flow process 24h per day, 7 days per week. VMS clarifiers can be optionally equipped with an agitator in the sediment hopper.

The clarifying performance of VMS high-performance clarifiers can be enlarged arbitrarily with the parallel connection of additional clarifiers.

ECS high-performance clarifiers operate without the addition of additives.

We would be happy to advise you in the tailored design of high-performance clarifiers according to your individual requirements.

  • High-performance clarifier with specially coated lamellar packages and ECS honeycomb structure
  • Clarifying performance 10 times greater than conventional sedimentation towers
  • Stainless steel inlet screen
  • Integrated night operation flushing program for clarifier and lamellar packages
  • Special offshore sea water coating of the clarifier
  • Metering station for addition of additives
  • High-performance clarifier flow monitor
  • Agitator in the sediment hopper


Output and dimensions

Type Fill quantity Max. output / TS
VMS 30 250 l/min 15 m3/h
VMS 50 420 l/min 25 m3/h
VMS 80 660 l/min 40 m3/h
Type Fill quantity Max. output / TS
VMS 100 830 l/min 50 m3/h
VMS 150 1250 l/min 75 m3/h
VMS 200 1650 l/min 100 m3/h

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