• ECS VMC - vollautomatisiert für die industrielle Fertigung

    ECS VMC – fully automated for industrial production

    ECS VMC – fully automated for industrial production



Fully automated water treatment plant with obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier, chamber filter press, pressure boosting station, fresh water tank and individually adjustable Siemens PLC with touchscreen display.


Booster Pump
Booster Pump
Filter Press 1
Filterpresse 2
Filter Press 2
SMS Transmit
SMS Transmit
Submersible Pump

The fully automatic control of ECS VMC plants takes place with a Siemens PLC. Operation and visualisation of the flow diagram of all processes and parameters take place via a 12” touchscreen colour display. The plant can be adjusted perfectly to the requirements of your operation and water quality with the comprehensive parameter settings.

With automatic switching between day and night operation and automatic sludge detection, VMC plants adjust to your production conditions automatically. Continuous operation and monitoring the plant by your employees are not necessary.

The cleaning and flushing program integrated in the control unit for all dirty water pumps, valves and lines enable automatic cleaning after each cycle.

Our ECS VMC software is developed in-house. It is based on our knowledge of process water preparation and our practical experience gathered for over 20 years. Customised software adjustments are possible according to your requirements.

  • Siemens PLC
  • 12” touchscreen colour display with visualisation of all pumps, valves, sensors and units
  • Fully automatic flow control of the overall process water cleaning
  • Automatic switching between day and night operation
  • Integrated cleaning and flushing program
  • Safety levels for adjustment of the plant, including password check
  • Internal error analysis, including error text output in case of faults
  • Teleport message service in case of a fault via email or text message
  • Wireless transmission of the display to a control stand
  • Customized software adjustment according to your requirements

Flow diagram


Output and dimensions

Type Output Dimensions (LxWxH)
VMC 30 15 m3/h 3260 x 2120 x 2800 mm
VMC 40 20 m3/h 3660 x 2120 x 2800 mm
VMC 50 25 m3/h 3960 x 2120 x 2800 mm
VMC 60 30 m3/h 4360 x 2120 x 2800 mm
Type Output Dimensions (LxWxH)
VMC 80 40 m3/h 5160 x 2120 x 2800 mm
VMC 100 50 m3/h 5960 x 2120 x 2800 mm
VMC 125 62 m3/h 6760 x 2120 x 2800 mm
VMC 150 75 m3/h 7560 x 2120 x 2800 mm

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