• ECS APE - für Flüssigkeiten mit abrasiven Feststoffen

    ECS APE – for liquids with abrasive particles

    ECS APE – for liquids with abrasive particles

Submersible pumps – APE


Dirty water submersible pumps with special slide ring seals and flange – or coupling output

Submersible pumps

Dirty water submersible pumps are used for conveyance of process water with abrasive solid particles.

With specially designed slide ring seals, impellers and shafts, as well as a stainless steel or grey cast iron housing, APE submersible pumps have a significantly longer service life than conventional submersible pumps.

We would be happy to advise you in the tailored design of dirty water submersible pumps according to your individual requirements.

  • Stainless steel or grey cast iron housing
  • High-quality slide ring seals
  • Specially coated impellers
  • Stainless steel shafts
  • Flange or coupling output
  • Submersible pump control via frequency converter for a pump line regulated to the waste water quantity
  • Ceramic coating of the inner pump housing


Output and dimensions

Type Motor output Delivery rate for 6m
APE 200/6 0,6 kW 200 l/min
APE 300/6 1,5 kW 300 l/min
APE 450/6 1,5 kW 450 l/min
APE 700/6 2,2 kW 700 l/min
APE 1080/6 2,2 kW 1080 l/min
Type Motor output Delivery rate for 8m
APE 1600/8 3,7 kW 1600 l/min
APE 2200/8 5,5 kW 2200 l/min
APE 2600/8 7,5 kW 2600 l/min
APE 4000/8 11,0 kW 4000 l/min

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